Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Lady of Guadalupe Construction Update

We are pleased to share with you some news that the community of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Oxnard, CA recently shared with us about the construction of the new church building.

Since we are not architects or engineers, we recently found ourselves trapped in the complicated reality of the world of construction.  In the building plans it is obvious that a floor for the Church will be installed, but we never imagined that the floor in the plans was made of concrete and quite ugly.  When we proposed the installation of a beautiful tile floor we were told that we would have to pay and additional $200,000 cash within the next two months... a seemingly insurmountable task!  Nonetheless, our strong faith in God led Fr. Roberto Saldivar MSpS, pastor of our Parish, to promise to have the money by October.

Trusting in divine providence Fr. Roberto signed the contract and began fund-raising.  We began to sell each floor tile for $40.  Also, the floor was designed to feature the 46 stars that appear on Our Lady of Guadalupe's mantle, and each of these were sold for $5000 (much cheaper, we believe, than the famous Hollywood stars).  Our parishioners responded very generously in their desire to build a beautiful Church for our beloved Virgin of Guadalupe.  On Sunday July 10 we were all surprised to have raised $207,000, enough to install the floor for Our Lady's church.  

We humbly share this story with all of you as a testimony of God's divine providence, and how as Fr. Felix Rougier always taught, trusting in it we will never be abandoned.

Please continue to pray that this project go well and be for the Glory of God and the service of his people.

Please click here to see construction pictures...

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Construction Photos