Thursday, April 7, 2016

IV Provincial Chapter – Day 2

Tuesday, April 5

Spiritual Exercises Continue: The first part of the morning was dedicated to the meditation of the Chapter motto: “Brothers in Christ the Priest, contemplatives in the world, witnesses of mercy. Sister Mercedes led us through her simple but profound interpretation the motto. Her understanding of it showed us a different angle to this triple statement. She then presented us with the elements that are needed in order to live according to it:

  • a well-disposed heart,
  • adequate discernment of the best practices for the REM (Restructuring the Exercise of our Mission),
  • delve into, explore and embody the guidelines received from the General Chapter, taking care to preserve the provincial identity and the fruitfulness of the Congregation.

 Four dynamic lines came into light to be analyzed:

  • give new life to our experience of God,
  • mature in our human condition,
  • rebuild the practice of our mission,
  • practice discernment.

This analysis made us aware of how important it is to live our life from a Trinitarian perspective. Learning from our Founding Fathers, Felix de Jesus and Conchita, they lived this way and taught: “God, God, God…” In the words of St Paul: “in Him we live, and move and have our being.”

After a short break we delved into the second meditation: Our consecrated life cannot be conceived outside of the most Holy Trinity, it must be a reflection of the Trinity.

 The afternoon took us to reflect on: “giving new life to our own experience of God.” Sister Mercedes reflection was through the Trinitarian lens. For this the “kaleidoscope” exercise led us to the conclusion that sometimes our reality looks fragmented and so we need to take a second look: searching for the divine presence in that reality so we can see its beauty more clearly and work towards unifying it. For this reason, we need to strive to achieve “human maturity”, which is a necessary requirement to live a better life. We need to live it with a spirit of communion (cf. LG#4 and VC #21) so that the consecrated life may be a manifestation of the Trinity.

Our Eucharist was presided by the current Provincial Council. During their homily they shared some of the difficulties and joys they have lived these last six years, all tinted with a spirit of thankfulness to God for His abundant blessings.