Friday, April 8, 2016

IV Provincial Chapter – Day 3

Wednesday, April 6

This was the last day of spiritual exercises in preparation to our Provincial chapter which officially begins tomorrow. Once again we reflected on the kaleidoscope, that under the inspired guidance of Sr. Mercedes has become a fine teaching instrument. Its symbolic meaning helped us see things in our lives with different lens. During the morning session we shared our own experiences with the help of the kaleidoscope and we were able to internalize, bring awareness of the light and darkness in our lives, and thus understand the simplicity of God's work within the complexity of existence. Reference was made to #24 of Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium which instructed us in the way of human maturity, community life and fulfillment of our mission.

That said, our mission can be better understood with reference to the following action verbs: taking the initiative, being involved, walking with the other, bearing fruit, and celebrating. After making reference to paragraphs 87, 88, 91, 92, 99 and 101 of the Exhortation and with some inspiring sic in the background, we were invited to revolutionize what’s negative in our world to “renew life.”

After we analyzed the third proposition from the XVI General Chapter and the reflection brought us to conclude that living in a state of mission joins us together and gives passion to our lives. St John Paul II used to say: “the same generosity and selflessness that drove the founders, must also move their spiritual children".

We examined the aspects that can jeopardize the mission: inability to work as a team, passivity, submissiveness and autonomy, a culture of exaggerated well being, perfectionism, and hopelessness, among others.

In the afternoon the reflection continued. Music helped us in our meditation. Next we focused on discernment, and the implications that accompany this dynamic and complex process: a challenge that puts us on a journey to know God’s will in a personal and communal way.

Our Eucharistic Celebration was presided by Fr. Roberto Saldivar and Fr. Mario Rodriguez gave the homily in which he shared some inspiring personal experiences springing from the readings.